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  • The Space Flight
  • Pre-launch protocol
    Contrary to all of the other spacecraft previously developed, including the Space Shuttle, the Lynx (clickable) is equipped with four revolutionary rocket engines, which can be shut down and restarted in flight at any time. There are no disposable carrier rockets, carriers and landings at sea. The Lynx simply departs from the elongated track at Hato airport, Curacao, and lands there after its flight. You will find yourself sitting next to the pilot, going over the take-off checklist. The four engines are started. Your space travel has begun.

    T +60 seconds: breaking the sound barrier
    You experience the powerful thrust that is so familiar to jet pilots and Formula 1 drivers. Before you know it the Lynx is accelerating incredibly fast on the long track. The landscape on both sides turns into a big green-blue mass. Then you go up. Fast and steep. As you speed towards the sky, the enormous dome offers a spectacular view. Within one minute, you are breaking the sound barrier and you step into to footsteps of Chuck Yaeger.

    T +180 seconds: going faster than a speeding bullet
    Take-off alone is an extremely rare experience, the magnificent acceleration, caused by the four engines, the view of the bright blue Caribbean bay, islands the size of the Netherlands turning into little dots… Then, you reach Mach 3. A rarity that not even F16 pilots experience.

    Engine cut-off; Earth as only 500 people have seen here 
    There, at an altitude of nearly 60 km., the pilot switches off the engines and the parabolic flight commences, during which the crew experiences weightlessness for a few minutes. Eventually, the Lynx reaches its maximum altitude of 100 km., the official frontier of space. A place where it is completely black, despite the sunshine. The full curves of the Earth are clearly visible from here. The overview stretches from Florida to Brazil, with the dazzling Caribbean as a centre piece.

    Gliding back, on 'the wings of an angel'
    From 100 km. the floating flight back to Earth begins. At an altitude of 60 km, the spaceship slowly starts to turn into a glider. Around 10 km the spaceship starts a pull out manoeuvre to lose speed. During this manoeuvre you will experience about 4,5G's for a few seconds, something that usually only fighter jet pilots experience. After about fifteen minutes of gliding flight (often referred to as floating 'on the wings of an angel'), the Lynx lands at Spaceport Curacao like a space shuttle. The entire flight will have taken almost an hour.
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