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The 5th International Antalya Sand Festival, which is one of the largest Sand Festivals in the world, will be held in Lara Beach Park Complex in Antalya between 4th June and 14th November 2012. This year the theme of the sand sculpture festival is Hollywood.

As well as the legendary stars of Hollywood, memorable scenes from epic Hollywood movies will also be sculpted from sand. A large area of 7,000 square meters will be held specifically for a 25-meter-long dinosaur that will be made out of sand. The exhibition will resemble a dream and special effects lighting and sound effects at night will surely create a wonderland-like scenery.

Sand sculpture in recent years, new emerging world, a special ephemeral (temporary) is a type of art. In the context of alternative art in the sand sculpture event is used only water and sand. This event each year with interest by hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the region was being held and won a serious mobility provides.

Held in Antalya more than 10 countries and nearly 40 artists and 30 people with finding technical team conducted Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival, the number of participating artists, field width and the amount of used sand (7500 tons) and the world's largest sand sculpture event are.

Festival, with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with the assistance of the Municipality of Antalya Lara Beach Park is organized within the complex. In April, the start of preparatory work before the festival, artists begin on May 1 and continues to the statue and the door is open to art lovers to 14th November.

Festival in 2009 held 120 thousand domestic and foreign visitors has visit. Now, each year increasing interest in traditional activity and visitor becomes the most important cultural and artistic activities of Antalya has been among.

With a different theme each year, held at Antalya International Sand Sculpture Festival 2010 theme was "Mythology 2" have been determined. In 2010, using 7500 tons of sand the worlds most important mythological and heroic events of the exhibition found a huge life-sized statue of 300, Troy, King Arthur, Dede Korkut and many interesting sculptures .




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