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Aven Royal Spa Suite Maxx Royal
Aven Royal Spa Suite befitting for kings and queens with all its splendour, awaits guests wanting to pamper their body and soul. While the skilled hands offering serenity and contentment will help purify your body and soul, the extraordinary aromas will provide you with an unforgettable xperience. Your ritual at Aven Royal Spa begins with a carefully selected treatment after a relaxation period in the Jacuzzi, following the massage of your choice you may wish to continue with the pleasures of the sauna complete with essences especially selected for you. The ritual is crowned with the offer of fresh herbal tea served to you in the comfortable king bed. Aven Royal Spa Suite can provide a romantic atmosphere for you and your loved one. With treatments
especially prepared for you it may be the most beautiful gift, both spiritually and physically, you could give yourself and your loved one. Aven Royal Spa Suite awaits to introduce you to this privileged experience.

Turkish Bath
A ritual that dates back hundreds of years...
An amazing experience has been planned for our guests with a special combination of
Turkey’s authentic traditions. Depending on your choice of treatment, water based rituals
and body scrubs followed by foam baths and massages with special oils will leave your skin
soft and silky.
Turkish Bath Ritual
For a smooth and soft skin, a relaxed body...
The Turkish Bath Ritual is a method of effective cleansing applied to the whole body, the
exfoliating body scrub will leave you relaxed and light as a feather, achieving the ultimate
sense of cleanliness. Your skin will be left smooth and soft, and the acceleration of your
blood circulation will relax all your muscles. Your body relaxed by the comforting feeling and
pleasant scent of the soap foam is thoroughly rinsed after the massage.

The Magnificent Tugra Turkish Bath (VIP Turkish Bath 2-4 people)
Meet the miraculous effect of grapes worthy of Sultans...
While you enjoy the splendour, in this experience your skin will be renewed with the grape
seed peeling especially prepared just for you, and the rhythmic dance of the water will
refresh your skin... You will relax with each touch of tradition... Your body will be wrapped
with a grape mask and you will feel the results of the wonderful combination of the grape
peeling. Don’t forget to enjoy the seasonal fruit and our special sorbet!

Holistic Treatments
Embrace a unique experience with Aven Royal Spa’s massage therapies, each so
splendidly special... The secret of a magical touch and their healing power is
hidden in the hands of professional...
Golf Massage
Targeted relief...
Swedish Massage
Start your day fresh, get rid of stress...
Aroma Massage
Relax your body, relax your soul...
Sports Massage
Quick and effective...
Deep Tissue Massage
A deep touch at the right spot...
Anti Cellulite Massage
Say goodbye to cellulite with regular circulation...
Manual Lymph Drainage Massage
A deep relaxation...
Hot Stone Massage
The miracle of volcanic stones...
Prana Massage - 4 Life Force Energy
Double your massage pleasure...
Thai Foot Massage
The healing power of reflexology...
Bali Aromatherapy Massage
An exotic journey...
Lomi Lomi Nui Massage
A healing touch...

Tec Therapy
Technology’s gift to health...
Cryo Cabin
Just two minutes...
Cryo Cabin is a healthy living device which applies cold lipolysis to the entire body.
According to research based on regular implementation 700 kcal are spent per
session. The treatment sessions are only two minutes long. It has been proven that
massages following cryo sessions are more effective on muscles.
Localised weight loss, healthy blood circulation...

Float Bed
Tranquillity through the sound of waves...
Chromo Massage Therapy
Discover your health with the power of colours...
Inroom Treatment
In the comfort of your room...
As well as the spectacular atmosphere of Aven Spa, you can also request a private
massage in your room by booking an appointment at the Spa reception.
Poolside and the Pavilion
Enjoy a poolside massage...
If you wish, you can also take advantage of a massage or treatment while relaxing
at the poolside and Pavilion by booking an appointment through the Spa reception.
Spa on the sea
A dance with the waves...
If you prefer to enjoy your massage with the sound of waves, you can get special
before and after sun treatments on the pier to get a healthy suntan.

Beauty Treatments
Your health is valuable... So is your beauty...
Exceptional treatments for a smooth skin...
Aven Royal Spa offers treatments more spectacular then each other for our guests who
want to add glamour to their beauty. As well as anti-cellulite treatments, aromatic seaweed
body treatments, sea salt exfoliation, oriental body peeling, toning treatments and all skin
care treatments in our spa collection, our guests are offered innovative relaxing alternatives
especially prepared such as Cryo Sauna and Floating.
We invite guests who value their beauty and want to feel special to witness how technology
creates miracles in expert hands...

Asian treatments:
Aven Royal Spa Suite
Far Eastern tradition for thousands of years...
Asian and Ayurveda treatments prepared especially for you, applied by professionals with
care at Aven Royal Spa Suite.
Following a Jacuzzi and sauna pleasure after the completion of your treatment, the day
comes to an end with a service of tea prepared with special fresh herbs. Leave your physical
and mental weariness behind, refresh your senses, revitalise your energy at Aven Royal Spa
Suite, your special place is ready.

 Please kindly contact to our reservation office from +90 242 3171413 or reservation@fadotravel.com for your booking requests.

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