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Adam & Eve , one of the unlimited comfort and attractive living spaces of heaven on earth, at a reflection point which is the symbol of purity with balance of white and black, provides to its guests an environment where you can live the” purity” far from the confusion of daily life for a purified spirit full of piece through extraordinary approaches.

Eden Spa provides service to its customers ; within a private space of 5500 m2 equipped with technology, accompanied with your individual trainers, with 500 m2 fitness center, 65 m. long swimming pool together with Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy spaces, 265 m2 Turkish Baths beyond standards, 2 saunas for private use, aroma inhalation cabinet, vapor room and Finn and Russian origin saunas.

You will feel the relaxation in your body accompanied by the melodies and vibrations surrounding you with sound and color therapy. Your body will stay behind your calmed down mind and reach quietness.
Eden Spa carries your privilege beyond your dreams through 10 units of SPA suits, each with 125 meter terrace and decorative pool which is an innovation in SPA sector by extraordinary concepts adaptable for personal pleasures, containing private Turkish Bath, sauna, special beds, plasma TV, and Jacuzzi and therapy beds, accompanied by special air play. Due to packet programs prepared for these private concepts (Silver, Gold, Diamond), you can taste pleasure of live both for your daily choices and long term accommodations or you can gift it to your friends and make them feel special.

Eden Spa adds Ottoman culture and modern way of understanding into traditional Turkish Bath concept. You can also experience unforgettable parties accompanied by chill out music in the entrance of Turkish Bath, a 264 m2 space known as “Sofa”. Private lodges in a harmony of color commits a relaxation with the peace surrounding your body as if you have meditated.

You can test healthy cookies in Vitamin Bar, enjoy exotic fruit and fruit juices. Eden Spa, which brings the different presentations of classic massage programs through personal synthesis together with its expert team, develops service concept in different dimensions and makes you feel privileged and in addition to that; after chakra therapy in Ayurveda it lets your spirit to get spoiled so that you can reach the quietness which you all need to do.

Due to private programs composed for golf players, you can feel the rise of your physical and mental dynamism while you are playing golf with useful exercises and massages.

Eden Spa’s programs which strengthens mother- baby relations for its guests experiencing the pregnancy period is based on making them to live the sweetest times when they can be alone with their babies, by providing surprise services suitable for this private situation.

Other programs as detox, anti- aging and fitness are only couple of some extraordinary programs which you can utilize from Eden Spa.

In the” World’s Most Successful SPA Centers” contest organized by German Gala Magazine, which is also being followed by cosmetics and care world curiously; Eden Spa was introduced among the Best Three Hotel SPA Centers of the World.

Adam& Eve Hotels with its extraordinary concept entered into nomination in two categories: Innovative SPA and Luxury Hotel

All you need is in Eden Spa, heaven garden on earth


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